Casa Country Interior Design Cavriglia
Who we are

We created our eritage based on furnishing accessories, paintings, pieces of art restoration skilfulness and after more than thirty years of experience in our workshop we can create and design entire furnishing accessories with a pratical and warm touch as the Country style.

We can offer inspections, hand-made design and fitting for farmhouses, restaurants, characteristic premisis, etc..

We can create also with old wood hand made dish racks,small wall units,cupboards, pier-glasses, decorated doors up to wardrobes, chairs, tables and bookshelfs, fitted-kitchens and bathroom boards and furnishing accessories.

We create upholsteries, armchairs, sofas and drapes, and also any other kind of furniture and wall decorations. With an identical passion we organize furniture decoration and restoration courses in various centres as residences and farmhouses taken with the same attention and partecipation

We work in particular in Rome where we are evry week in various market places.

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